Friday, November 19, 2010

Growing Up….

……..  my dear hafetz sekarang dah 11 years old ….and going to be a handsome young man soon. Mama pun tak perasan hafetz dah lebih tinggi dari Mama sekarang.  Shoot gambar  Hafetz masa Hari Raya Aidil Adha 2010 di rumah Atok, Gelang Patah. 

Kalau Ayah nampak ni mesti ayah marah sebab panjat tembok ni…….ayah risau hafetz jatuh. Bahaya katanya……cuma ayah juga lupa Hafetz dah semakin dewasa…..


Thursday, August 26, 2010

Spice Market

The Spice Bazaar, (Turkish'Mısır Çarşısı', or Egyptian Bazaar) in IstanbulTurkey is one of the oldest bazaars in the city. Located in Eminönü, it is the second largest covered shopping complex after the Grand Bazaar.

The Spice Bazaar is an “L”-shaped building, consisting of 88 vaulted rooms, almost all of which are now divided into an upper and lower story. Monumental gateways are at the ends of both halls, with chambers above each entranceway. The main entrance is in the southwest corner, facing the Yeni Mosque.

Camlica Hill

Camlica Hill ,  Istanbul in all its brilliance, offering a unique perspective on the city.  Located about 4km from Uskudar, Camlica is split into two hills: Küçük Çamlica (‘Little Pine Hill’) and Büyük Çamlica (‘Big Pine Hill’). Büyük Çamlica is the highest point in Istanbul at 267 m above sea level.

We spend about 45 minutes on top of the hill and had our morning tea there.  The views from Büyük Çamlica are truly amazing, with a panoramic vista of all of Istanbul’s main waterways, the Bosphorus Bridge, the historic Eminonu Peninsula, the Princes’ Islands and even Mount Uludag near Bursa.
The Bosphorus Bridge
On Top Of The Hill
A view from Camlica Hill 
The main waterway-The Bhosporus

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Stonehenge is a prehistoric, mysterious circle of upright stones in southern England. Construction on the great monument began 5,000 years ago; the famous stones that still stand today were put in place about 4,000 years ago.
If only I have my 18-200mm lens in those days…...

Composition….. those days...

Not even know how to focus…..